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Energia Design Concepts

Our Story...

Energia Designs is a sustainable design studio, designing & assessing energy efficiency of buildings for more than 12 years. We continue to provide exceptional service in Energy efficient Design & energy assessments. We are a small team and our goal is to create sustainable homes & to provide, efficient and economical solutions for our clients tailored to their needs.

As founder of Energia Designs, Suruchi is an Architectural Designer (Bachelor of Architecture) and understands the need of aesthetic design & energy efficient design to co-exist in buildings. Suruchi has completed Certificate IV in Nathers assessment (Smart Rate).She is accredited in two softwares, AccuRate & First Rate. She is an accredited assessor & member with ABSA(Association of Building Sustainability Assessors) since 2005.

She has extensive experience in BASIX certification from alteration and additions to Multi Unit developments. She also has technical expertise in BCA-Part J Energy efficiency and has been doing Part J assessments for Class 2-9 buildings from back since the energy efficiency standards were introduced in Buiding Code of Australia.

When not working in Business, She loves to do craft and crosswords with her 11 year old daughter and play with her adorable Labrador Buddy.

If you are planning to build or are looking for some advice to make your house energy efficient or if you are an Architect or Builder just too confused about all the requirements council has for energy compliance, contact us or send us an email. We are always happy to help!

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