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Energia Design Concepts

Energy efficiency in Class 2-9 Buildings-Industrial, Commercial, Childcare centres, Medical centres, Schools, Aged Care etc.

The National Construction Code, incorporating the Building Code of Australia (BCA), requires that building work on Classes 2-9 buildings meet minimum mandatory energy efficiency requirements under its Section J Energy Efficiency provisions. NCC-Volume-1 contains requirements for the design and construction of commercial buildings (Class 2-Class9).Part J of BCA regulates the Energy efficiency of buildings.

Section-J Process The Section J targets energy consumption of building by achieving efficiency in:
  • Building Fabric of Envelope (Conditioned areas)-Walls, Floors, Roof construction with appropriate insulation. NSW is divided into different climate zones. Section J of BCA thus specifies minimum performance of fabric according to Climate Zones.
  • Glazing compliance.
  • Building Sealing
  • Air conditioning & ventilation Systems
  • Artificial Lighting & Power
  • Hot Water/Pool
  • Access and Energy Monitoring

All councils will require a BCA Section J compliance report to demonstrate compliance with Building code of Australia. This would generally be requested by local councils at CC (Construction Certificate) stage. We can provide you with well compiled energy compliance reports for CC approval.